Mundus vult decipi: Ergo decipiatur derives from an artistic research beginning in 2017 together with Laia Ventayol García.

The story surrounding the life and death of Kaspar Hauser piqued our interest in early 19th century Romantic medicine experiments and specially the theory of Animal Magnetism by German physician Franz Anton Mesmer.

This installation / fountain is based on the 'baquet' (basin) that Mesmer created for collective healing sessions. It speaks of circuits and connection, of how energy flows, of how an object that has memory is linked to the idea of healing, and of collective healing with medicinal waters.

The circuit of the fountain starts from Arnis in the Baltic Sea (DE), going through Amposta, in the Ebro Delta (ES) and now it is exhibited in the context of Barcelona (ES), entering into dialogue with the city and its surrounding territories.

Installation with medicinal water, binaural sounds and found objects: plastic fish boxes, silicone tubes, rope, fishing net, dried mussels, crabs, lava stones, ceramic figures, seaweeds, fishing traps and water pump. In collective with Laia Ventayol García.