Horses in Orbit narrates the story of both artists, who met in Nuremberg in 2010, and entangles it with two historical characters who belonged to that city during different times: Kaspar Hauser, the lost child of Europe and possible hare of the Royal House of Baden, and Georg Hartmann, an important scientist and creator of many of the astronomical and navigation instruments in the medieval times. From these two characters, the artists recognize and develop new ideas around orientation, space, sense of being lost, reencounter, domestication and numbing sensibility.

In collaboration with Laia Ventayol García
Presented in Edel Extra e. V., 2018


Aluminum figure, light bulb and wooden podest 

Straw and metal in plastic foil, porcelain figures, books and postcards 

Installation view 

Sargent, postcards, horse figures and iron piece 

Found plants and cable 

Sargent, horse figures and aluminum pieces 

Horse figure, cord and aluminum stick 

Blanket, metal bar and illuminated alabaster figure 

HD Video, 32:9, 15:37 min, color, stereo